The Alexander Story
Where it all began

Australian from the city of Brisbane Alexander found himself in the UK for his other passion Classic Land Rovers during the time building and growing a company specialising in them on the side he noticed there was a distinct lack of premium pyjamas that could show the best of this great country and that unique Britishness and he so loved, especially London.

This gap in the market needed to be filled so in 2020 Charles William Alexander was born.

“From a young age I regularly helped my Mum sewing with many projects one being this suit which I wore as a child. Creating something you like and doing something you like is such an important part of life and I learnt this early on. While having recently started working on my pilots license which has reignited my love of aviation with one of the pyjama collections borrowing heavily from this interest and my favourite PJ being the Susan Mary named after my Mum it's a beautiful watercolour of regents park super comfy for those lazy days or cosy nights ”

the vision

My pyjamas draw inspiration from the Marylebone area one of my favorites giving them that boujeue feeling while bringing out that Britishness with subtle hints along the way with things I like. Not going too over the top but still being a little fancy all wearing the badge Made in the USA giving them the best possible quality with the finest of materials made in a sustainable fair way which is so important.

I hope you enjoy your pyjamas they will be the best most comfy pair you have ever owned!

Founder & dreamer of Charles William Alexander

What we love